Sunday, December 27, 2009

New Nikon Toys Announced!!!

So late last night, Nikon announced two new products and two upgrades on lenses.

A D300s and a D3000
A new 70-200 f2.8 pro lens and the popular consumer 18-200mm lens.

As I have the D300, and no real need for video, I’m not that interested in the D300s, however, I have been waiting for the new 70-200mm lens, knowing that it was soon to be replaced, just due to the age of the older version.


I used to shoot and loved the older AF-S 80-200 f2.8, this lens was beefier and felt great in my hands. While the older 70-200mm lens was great and performed wonderfully, it felt off to me. The new 70-200mm lens looks like it might just be perfect. I will have to test the vignetting. But as we all know and should understand, ALL lenses will have this to some degree.


The newest D700, D3 and D3x, have a vignetting control feature which is great and really works.

A fun website to check out (and while this is a rumor site and can not be considered truth) it is fun to see how creative people can get with products.

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