Sunday, December 27, 2009

Things to shoot on a LOW to NO budget..

Unfortunately we are all feeling it, lack of funds, lack of corporate responsibility (AIG shame on You!). So what can we do as creative, passionate individuals?

For the last month, I have been researching places and things to do in LA for free or at little cost. Generally mostly cost gas and some time. My ultimate goal is to try and go one place each month over the year. While it may seem like a little, it won’t burn you out from driving and creates the sense of a mini-vacation.

A few things I came across: Queen Mary (was free for two weeks for soCal residents). I went on the last day; while an interesting history about the ship (larger than the titanic) I was not that impressed. It appears that during the 70’s many of the characteristics of the ship were remodeled; leaving it with this very odd style that does not fit the era of the ship. Photographically the only thing that caught my eye, was the radio room (which was re-done for a local station) and the engine room, dark, mysterious, lots of old dials and controls. Parts of the ship were closed off and you had no access to which left me bored after two hours. Other than that, I am happy it was free, because it would not have been worth the $30, plus parking to see it.

Places I plan to see this year:
Gorman Hills. I have heard this is supposed to be beautiful, and plan on taking a road trip up there this spring.

Catalina Island:
Although not a small cost, a package which includes the boat ride over (@$70), plus two hours on shore, will lead to possible whale sightings and some amazing images. It would probably be @ $100 with parking and lunch on the island.

A mecca of places to see at night; Worth just going with one or two lenses, maybe a tripod if I plan on doing any long exposures.

The PCH:
Just a drive along it is worth anytime spent or gas used.

Getty Center:
Still have to check this out, I have heard this is a very nice place, and it is free.

Downtown LA:
I would like to shoot downtown at night, but really refuse to go alone. I have a shot in my head I would like to capture, but requires being on the SE side of downtown.

Santa Barbara:
Last time I went I didn’t really get to enjoy it the way I would have liked but it was gorgeous. Lots of unique little shops and places to see.

I just wish I had more time to do all this, more free-time, but yet again, I’m glad I have a job. I guess the idea, make the most out of what you are shooting while you are doing it.

Additional Places, someone reminded me of Mulholland Dr, great views and there is an amazing trail that leads to the top of one of the hills. Great View of Downtown and Hollywood. Also Griffith Observatory, I had forgotten they reopened last year.

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