Monday, August 30, 2010

In Ohio

The surgery was scheduled almost three weeks before I needed to be in Ohio for my friends shower and bachlorette party. Thankfully the doc gave me the ok to fly. Told me I would not be comfortable but I could do it. Had to have a wheelchair through each airport. I had my backpack but it had to be light, still no lifting. Not even allowed to put the bag in the overhead bin.

Thankfully I had my iPad for the trip. Two movies later and a couple of chapters in the book on it I'm reading, I landed in Ohio.

My mom and one of my best friends met me at the airport. Ohio thankfully was not humid. Not yet.

After shopping Friday, we get to the familiar back yard and I dont have the camera I want but had to snap a shot of the back of the house; lots of texture and vow to get the other camera out and reshoot.

The next couple of days it would be busy, shopping for the shower gift, bachlorette party and then bridal shower, all done by sunday at 6. Busy weekend. I overdid it slightly and pretty sure I have and will pay for moving so much. Woke up Monday at 11:30am. Definitly caught up on my sleep. The parties were a HUGE success and the bride and groom to be enjoyed themselves, which is all anyone can ask for.

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