Friday, September 10, 2010

Back in LA

Made it back to LA, still having some slight pain, I finally get to head back to work in just over a week. One side of my incision, has yet to close, so I put in a call to the doc today to see what I should do about that.

Physically I feel ok, I am still tired, but I have to assume that after someone cuts you open it will take awhile to feel like yourself again. I'm trying not to lift anything to heavy. (just in case).

I spent the day today helping my dad build his business website. Trying to KISS it. (Keep it Simple) so once he learns the back end, he can update it when he needs to. I am a self-taught web designer. I was given dreamweaver by a friend but not taught how to use it. So I taught myself and have since built more than 10 sites, and redesigned. Lots of nights pulling out my hair and chain smoking to get it all to work right when I first started, then one day it kinda all clicked.

It's taken some time, but I've got most of it down, now I just have to learn flash, php script etc's neverending. Although the benefit, I know I can earn money doing this for other people (if and that's a BIG if, I ever stop taking photographs) which is highly unlikely.

Since I was in recovery, I didnt get to do as much as I would of liked to while I was in Ohio, but I did get the camera out a couple of days and shot around my parents home. They love to garden and have fresh veggies which great for color and texture.

This photo was processed through photoshop and a few filters were added to give it the boarder and grainier appearance.

I used the same process, but change some of the hue in the filter. The wheel barrel, may have been sitting there 10 years and the vines have claimed it.

It's amazing what you can find to shoot in your own (or parents) backyard.

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