Sunday, September 19, 2010

Have been abducted by that thing called work... play will resume shortly!

So, I head back to work tomorrow, bit stressed about the whole thing, after having 6 weeks off to recover from surgery (which i'm really not done), I get to go back to the 8 hour days....sigh : (.
It's really too bad you can't just sit at home or do other things and earn a
I do love my job, where else in the world can I play with camera equipment all day, and not just what I own, but with equipment I want. Give me a Nikon, I can shoot, and tell you how to set it up.

The good thing is I do have a few new toys to play with when I get back....The bad thing is I have alot to learn once I get back, the photography world will pass you by if you do not pay attention. New cameras lenses, software. It can be a bit overwhelming.

Lately I've gone back to putting the camera in much of a manual mode as I can and tweeking it the way I want. There is a lot that you can miss, the trick is knowing how to adjust quickly.

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