Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Passion

There are a few things I have discovered about myself as I go through life. I love photography and I really do love teaching someone photography.

Last weekend, I took my friends daughter and two of her friends to Santa Barbara for a photo outing. It gave myself and her a chance to get out of LA and photograph what we saw. It was a rainy and gray day in La and Santa Barbara was gorgeous and a perfect fall day.

I had been to Santa Barbara once and had vowed at that point to go back when I could drive around and capture what I saw. This is one of the images below, I still have some editing to do but worked on one image thus far.

I took them to one of the SB's local landmarks and we traveled down to the pier and walked around. The Courthouse, Designed by William Mooser III, the Spanish-Moorish style building was completed in 1929, after the 1925 earthquake ruined much of the city. It occupies a square block in downtown Santa Barbara. The benefit, it's a free tour, you can walk around the grounds and capture much of the building through images.

It was a short trip, all in all we spent around 5 hours traveling and walking around. The girls had a good time and it was great to get out of LA. Taking them home, I did discover that every Tuesday there is a farmers market at the mall, up the street from where we all live, so I'm going to be taking her again, just to get her out there to shoot. 

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