Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Phone, new fun...old tricks of the trade

So unfortunately my cell phone died on Friday, which meant I had to get a new one, the good news...I was able to upgrade to a Droid, got the HTC EVO shift, great phone does everything I want and more. I can blog, check emails, get recipes, read the news, it's basically a palm-sized computer. I can even view my website, which has flash, which is outstanding. BUT...the best feature, especially for photographers, is the fun you can have with these cameras and apps.

It comes with your basic camera, but you can browse apps and download anything your heart desires. I downloaded all the free camera apps because I wanted to see which I preferred. I've only purchased one app, the Vintage camera app.

What used to be call "bad" quality, is now retro. It's now in. The cool and fun thing to with a photo take by your phone. I used my pets as subjects to test the camera.

You can have photos that look like they were taken in the 60's, 70's etc, you can select a tilt-shift option, B&W, sepia, Velvia,  vignette, toy camera, Polaroids, and all sorts of lens effects. The ease of these tools in the Apps is amazing, what used to take hours to create in photoshop takes your phone seconds.The app I downloaded comes with 79 effects and 50 some-odd frame choices.

Sooo....the tricks and fun I used to have in the dark room, now have moved to my computer, to in-camera editing tool and now to a cell phone....